Name Renate Pfeuffer
Street / No. Lönsstraße 8
Postcode / Town 61250 Usingen
Telephone 06081 – 16580
Mobile 0162 – 3222809/a>
Qualifications Graduate interpreter, sworn interpreter for French and English at the Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main
Working since 1982
Personal details Member of VKD,
married to a Frenchman, periods spent in France, South Africa and Canada
VAT identification number DE 111242395
Supervisory authority Regional Court of Frankfurt
Languages German (mother tongue)
French (1st working language)
English (2nd working language)
Types of interpreting / translation
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting
  • Whispering / chuchotage
  • Translation
Specialist subjects Marketing, sales, mail order, advertising and PR, banking, stock exchange;
fashion, cosmetics;
software, telecommunications, broadcasting, medical devices, automotive industry, building/construction;
trade unions, European works councils;
chemistry, pharmacy, economics and balance sheets, railway technology;